When Security Matters

As the engine is running when remote started, can someone open the door and drive away? Can someone break a window and drive away? If a window was left open, can they jump in the car via the window and drive away or lean inside, open the door and then drive away?

Answer:– NO

“Take Over” Procedure

If you don’t follow the “Take Over” procedure correctly, the vehicle will cut out / be immobilised.

1. You must unlock your car using either the OEM key fob or one of the optional accessories.

2. Once unlocked you have 45 seconds to open any of the doors on the car.

3. Once you have closed the car door, you have a further 45 seconds to depress the brake pedal.

The Future

The remote start systems we provide are extremely secure, and as can be seen above, don’t compromise in security simply because the engine is running.

If you normally walk up to your car, unlock it, get in and drive away; or unlock it, put your kids in or your bags etc and drive away then you don’t even have to think about the take over procedure as it happens naturally. This is the beauty of remote start system, you benefit from the luxury of a boiling hot vehicle in the freezing cold weather, a cool vehicle in boiling hot weather and there is no compromise with security.

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