Our roots

RemoteStarts.co.uk is the brain child of one of the worlds leading Audi OEM retrofit specialists, Andy Hudson. As an IT specialist by trade, Andy has used his vast knowledge in IT and OEM retrofits working alongside the manufacturer to develop one of the most technologically advanced remote start systems available today.

What we offer

Remote starts ltd is the UK’s leading provider of remote start systems. We have worked extremely hard in developing a remote start system for use here in the UK that is technologically advanced, extremely secure, doesn’t require splicing into the vehicle wiring systems, is fitted in less than  30 minutes and is available at an extremely competitive price.

Why choose a remote start?

Who wants to get into a cold car first thing in the morning after a cold night? How about when the windscreen is covered in ice or frost? Have you ever got in and hoped your car would warm up quicker than it does? Have you ever turned the heat on only for cold air to come out?

With a remote start fitted by us this really is a thing of the past. Not only does a remote start heat your engine for increased lengevity, but your travel is now done in luxury as every time you get into your car it is toasty and warm and any frost has already melted.

Are remote starts secure?

The remote starts we use are 100% secure! The ONLY way vehicles with our remote system can be driven away once remote started are if the following conditions are met. If not, the engine will simply shut down.

1) The vehicle is unlocked using either the OEM keyfob or the long range remote keyfob.

2) That after unlocking the vehicle, any of the doors are openned within 45 seconds and after openning any door, you place your foot on the brake pedal within a further 45 seconds.