Remote start FAQ’s

Can I fit the remote start system myself?

Absolutely.  All our remote start systems are supplied with a dedicated wiring harness specifically for the vehicle in question.  This means installation is simply plug and play and NO splicing is required into the vehicles wiring loom.  We provide you with full installation support.  We also provide full telephone technical support.  Our specialists will support you every step of the way.

Do you offer mail order? How much is postage and where are you based?

Yes we do offer mail order, basic prices for postage are:- UK £9.99, Europe £24.99 and North America £45.99 – please contact us if you are purchasing from a country not covered above. We are based near Gatwick airport, England, Great Britain.

Once I remote start the car, can someone just open the door and drive it away?

No! absolutely not. The ONLY way the vehicle can be driven away once it has been remote started is if a) the vehicle is unlocked using either the OEM keyfob or the remote long range keyfob AND b) within 45 seconds of unlocking the car, a door is openned THEN C) within 45 seconds of the last door being closed, the brake pedal is pressed. If this “take over procedure” is not carried out as above the car will simply cut out.

If I purchase a remote start, can I set the heater, heated seats and heated steering to come on automatically?

We program the units to run for a maximum of 35 minutes before automatically shutting off. If you want this any shorter then please just let us know when you place your order.

Is it available in my country?

Yes, we send worldwide.

How does the optional long range remote work?

Depending on your vehicle, there may be one or several long range remotes that are compatible. The remotes either have one button that controls the remote start procedure, locking and unlocking, or, the remote has several buttons and controls the remote start procedure, locking, unlocking and boot openning and closing. Please note that the long range remotes also have security software inbuilt so that the only button that works penantly is the remote start button.  Once the vehicle has been remote started using the long range remote, all other buttons on the remote become active and only cease to work after the remote start has been cancelled or the take over procedure has been completed.

How far do the long range remotes work over?

The long range remotes work for up to half a mile away from the vehicle.

What user options are there when an remote start is ordered?

Customers can choose how long the remote start will run for before automatically shutting down (if the vehicle is driven away before hand) – customers can choose from between 5 to 35 minutes.

Do I need to inform my insurance company if I have a remote start fitted?

Yes you should always inform your insurance company if you make modifications to your vehicle. We phoned Admiral, informed them we had a remote start fitted to one of our cars and that as part of the fitting we needed to leave a spare key in the vehicle (albeit with the battery removed). They advised fitting of the remote start sat in the category of an “internal change” and we were charged an additional £50 for the modification.

Can the remote start system be easily removed if I want to?

Absolutely, as all our remote starts are supplied with a plug and play harness therefore the system can be easily removed leaving no trace it was ever installed. If, for example, you wanted to remove the system when you sold your car and put it in your new one, its easy to do.

What warranty comes with the remote start system?

We offer a one year, non transferable warranty on all our remote start systems.

Do I need to be careful if using the remote start in a confined area?

Yes, you need to be careful if using the remote start in a confined area due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  Death can occur due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Is my spare key required as part of the installation?

It depends on your vehicle.  Any remote start system will require a “transponder” to allow the vehicle to start. Most transponders are found within your vehicles car key/remote hence why most people use their spare key within these systems – when a key is used, the battery and metal key blade are removed and it is placed in a specially designed box that is hidden within the vehicle.  The key is not damaged in any way and cannot be used other than within the remote start system.  Some older cars can use the transponder within our remote start devices but it is vehicle specific – if this is the case – no key is required.

If you are worried about losing your only key and your spare being in your car, don’t be! If you purchase the additional long range remote (you get 2) you can use these to start the car and then open the vehicle (and drive away) if you want to but in any case if you did use your spare key you always have the spare key blade as a spare which will give you access to the vehicle as this is removed before the spare is placed in the remote start box.

Isn’t it illegal to remotely start your vehicle in Europe?

No, it is possible to use Remote Start legally within the European Markets. The user must use the feature responsibly and understand what is permissible and reasonable in his/her given situation. The functionality has been designed so that it can be used in a reasonable, safe and non-excessive way.