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Can I fit the remote start system myself?

Absolutely.  All our remote start systems are supplied with a dedicated wiring harness specifically for the vehicle in question.  This means installation is simply plug and play and NO splicing is required into the vehicles wiring loom for a majority of installations.  We provide you with full installation support.  We also provide full telephone and video technical support.  Our specialists will support you every step of the way.

Do you offer mail order / ship world wide?

Yes we we ship worldwide and have many happy customers around the world. At time of updating this page we only send via a reputable courier, usually with delivery between 1 to 5 days worldwide. Current the cost of shipping in the UK is £9.99, £24.99 in Europe, Norway, Australia and North America and £29.99 to the rest of the World.

Once I remote start the car can someone just open the door and drive it away?

No! The only way the vehicle can be driven away once it has been remote started is if you have a vehicle key or authorised device (eg phone app) and you follow a secure, timed take over procedure. if you do not follow this procedure the engine will be immobilised. For example if someone smashed the window and jumped in or managed ot open a door and jump in the engine would cut out.

If I purchase a remote start can I set the heater, heated seats and heated steering to come on automatically?

It’s 100% vehicle dependant and only possible with the optional bluetooth app (the rear window and heated seats is usually possible on the MBLevo platform Audis). However, if you leave the settings the last time you use the vehicle as you want them to be when you remote start it, yes the heating, heated seats, heated wheel, heated wing mirrors, heated rear windscreen etc will all come on when remote started – in any case please test this with your own vehicle.

How does the optional bluetooth app work?

The bluetooth accessory includes both the phone app and a long range bluetooth credit card remote control. Once installed and after downloading the app to your phone, you can connect your phone directly to your vehicle to start, stop, unlock, lock and if your vehicle has a round push to start button, you can also drive it away with just your phone with no key required. For increased range you can connect your phone to the long range credit card remote which will repeat the signal to the vehicle. Alternatively, you can use solely the credit card size remote to do all of the above! Find out more here:- https://youtu.be/ink5exeOJsU

Do you offer any kind of returns guarantee?

Absolutely, we offer a full 30 day back guarantee. If you don’t want the system for any reason within the first 30 days please just return it to us for a full refund.

How far does the bluetooth app and LoRa long range credit card remote work over?

The bluetooth app is limited by bluetooth connection distances but the long range LoRa credit card remote works from up to a mile away with optimum coverage.

Do I need to inform my insurance company if I have a remote start fitted?

Yes you should always inform your insurance company if you make modifications to your vehicle.

Can the remote start system be easily removed if I want to?

Absolutely, our remote starts are supplied with a plug and play harness therefore the system can be easily removed. If, for example, you wanted to remove the system when you sold your car and put it in your new one, its easy to do presuming your new vehicle is compatible.

What warranty comes with the remote start system?

We offer a one year, non transferable warranty on all our remote start systems. We also offer an optional non transferable lifetime warranty on our remote start systems (this doesn’t include any accessories.)

Do I need to be careful if using the remote start in a confined area?

Yes, you need to be careful if using the remote start in a confined area due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  Death can occur due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Is my spare key required as part of the installation?

It depends on your vehicle.  Any remote start system will require a “transponder” to allow the vehicle to start. Most transponders are found within your vehicles car key/remote hence why most people use their spare key within these systems – when a key is used, the battery and metal key blade are removed and it is placed in a specially designed box that is hidden within the vehicle.  The key is not damaged in any way and cannot be used other than within the remote start system.  With many of our remote start systems no key is required as we can copy your key data direct to the remote start module itself. In general terms, between circa 2009 to 2018 there is a 50/50 chance the 4 or 5 version of Audi do not require a copy key and the 6, 7 and 8 version of Audi in the same period do not require a copy key at all. Currently all Audis on the MLBevo platform (circa 2018 and newer) need a physical key (less the battery and key blade) used as part of the installation. If a key is required:- https://youtu.be/zTTFudjrwZM

Isn’t it illegal to remotely start your vehicle in Europe?

No, it is possible to use Remote Start legally within some of the European Markets. The user must use the feature responsibly and understand what is permissible and reasonable in his/her given situation / country. The functionality has been designed so that it can be used in a reasonable, safe and non-excessive way. In the UK for example, it is legal to use a remote start system so long as your vehicle isn’t on a public highway as defined by the Road traffic Act. So using the system on your own private driveway or private works car park (where the public don’t have a right of access through payment or otherwise) is completely legal. If you ever did use it on a public highway by mistake and got caught, it is a non endorsable offence meaning the penalty is a fine and no points on your licence.

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