Specialist install – multi vehicle options – please ensure you speak to us via email prior to purchase.


Choose your system. The standard system is operated by pressing Lock > Unlock > Lock on your vehicle car key. If additional accessories are available they will be listed below.

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As we are an online company we only sell via our website remote start kits that are 100% plug and play.  Basically meaning there is no cutting or splicing of any wires and therefore it’s hard for the customer to make a mistake so we can almost guarantee all our installations are completed without any problems.

However, our equipment is compatible with a large amount of vehicles that are not listed on our website BUT either we can only offer a part plug and play harness or we cant offer a plug and play harness at all which means that some physical wiring will be required.  The reason we don’t sell this on our website is because, in very simple terms, a customer can easily get the installation wrong, it not work and then we as a company are blamed on social media saying our equipment is rubbish and doesnt work when it was actually the installer who made a mistake.  For this very reason we do not offer sale of these systems directly off the website.  If installed correctly, we know our kit works, its been installed in hundreds of thousands of vehicles already across the world and as such we are happy to offer the system to the public but on different terms to our plug and play kits.

If someone were to contact us regarding a remote start for a vehicle that isn’t listed and we have a compatible kit, we would happily sell it to the customer under the following conditions:-

1) Unlike our plug and play systems where we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, as these kits are specifically programmed for your vehicle with cutting and splicing the wiring we do not offer a 30 day money back guarantee or any returns at all unless the equipment is faulty at which point we will replace it one time for a new replacement.

2) We will provide you with a install guide. We don’t offer any guaranteed support after this but we will help wherever we can.

The main problem from our side is that if a customer buys a system like this, installs it and it’s not working, 99.9999% of the time it is due to a faulty installation.  We cannot support a product whereby maybe the wrong wires have been connected or just not connected at all.  We want to make this very clear prior to purchase as people easily blame the product when in fact it is a faulty installation.  For this reason we don’t offer support beyond the wiring diagram provided BUT we will assist if we can.

Usually we offer “part” harness which means the customer will only need to connect 4-5 wires… Its straight forward but can easily be done incorrectly for which we accept zero liability.

These are a couple of examples of vehicles that have remote start systems installed that we don’t offer to the public:-

Audi RS3:- https://youtube.com/shorts/miMKBtXPQnI

Audi S3:- https://youtube.com/shorts/s6KBhAsouwM?si=EnSIkaIECMiOmarE

Audi S3:- https://youtube.com/shorts/0HQSdOKxPGQ

Generally speaking, you would have to connect the following wires:-  hazards, brake, 12v, immo wire horn and hood.  If you do this correctly its an easy installation 🙂


The complete kit is provided you do not need to purchase anything else.


We reccomend a professional vehicle electrician with remote start experience fits the equipment.


To start:- Press LOCK > UNLOCK > LOCK on your factory car key.

To stop:- Press LOCK > UNLOCK > LOCK on your factory car key.

Automatic runtime before shutting off:- 15 minutes

There is a secure take over procedure in place in order to drive the vehicle away otherwise the engine will be immobilised.

Indicators will flash once every 5 seconds when remote start is active.

All doors/boot must be closed.

Additional accessories are available (GSM app / bluetooth app & long range remote / 2 x long range remotes) but they are not required as the basic system is operated using the vehicle car key.


  1. GSM phone application to control your vehicle world wide which also includes GPS tracking, geofencing, speed alerts and scheduled vehicle operation. Currently, we offer one GSM phone application for Canada and the USA and a separate GSM phone application for the rest of the World. The first 12 month charge is included in the purchase price of both systems but from year two onwards there is an annual charge of $40 for users in North America and £99 for users in the rest of the world. The initial 12 months use ageis provided in the initial purchase price. Video demonstration:-  Control your vehicle from anywhere in the world with your phone / watch.
  2. Bluetooth phone application and long range LoRa credit card remote (Up to 1 mile distance). There is no annual charge for this application. Control your vehicle from up to one mile away with your phone and credit card remote.
  3. Two x single button long range (LoRa) remote controls (Up to 1 mile distance) Control your vehicle from up to one mile away with this two way, long range remote (comes in packs of two)

Please note that only the GSM phone app OR the bluetooth phone app can be used on a single remote start system, you can’t use both.  In Canada and the USA you can have either of the phone applications (bluetooth or GSM) AND the long range remotes on a single remote start system if you wish.  In the rest of the world you can have the bluetooth phone application AND long range remotes BUT you can’t have the GSM phone application and long range remotes.


These installations geenrally require a spare key (the key less the battery and blade so that you can always use the key blade to open the car and retrieve your car key if you lost your daily key) as part of the installation. This will be a dead key and hidden inside the vehicle.  Should i be worried about leaving a key in the car as part of the installation?


Our Trustpilot reviews:- View here

Customer Videos:-  View here


*Please ensure via email that your vehicle is compatible prior to purchase, to do this, please email us at info@remotestarts.co.uk with your vehicle make, model, year, diesel or petrol, automatic or manual gearbox and if you have a push to start button, tip start (Mercedes) or whether it is a key turn to start.


Please note this system is strictly no returns as it is individually programmed for you and cutting and splicing of the wiring is required.  If the product is faulty we will replace it one time but if the product is returned and found not to be faulty the customer will be charged postage both ways.

Choose here:-

1. Remote Start standard system (RS) operated by the vehicle car key £499.00, 2. RS + Two x 2 way long range remotes (up to 1 mile distance) £599.00, 3. RS + Bluetooth app and 1 x long range credit card remote (up to 1 mile distance) £645.00, 4. RS + GSM phone app (USA & Canada residents only) £699.00, 5. RS + GSM phone app (rest of the World residents) £699.00

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