Remote Programming Cable


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Remote Programming Cable

Some of our Remote Start systems require a two stage programming process; this occurs when a transponder (car key less the blade and battery) is NOT required as part of the installation and instead we copy your key data to the remote start module itself.  When this is the case, installation procedure requires the two stages below:-

Stage one = Key data import (carried out by you in the vehicle)

Stage two = Key activation.

The stage two process (key activation) requires an internet connection therefore you (the customer) have two options.

Option 1:- You send the unit back to us after you have completed stage one. Once received, we connect to the unit and carry out stage two programming and ship the unit back to you once completed for final installation.

Or option two (our customers most favoured method)

Option 2:- After you have completed stage one at the car, using this programming cable, connect it to a computer (desktop or laptop, not a PC) with a fast internet connection and we will login remotely and carry out stage 2 programming. This process takes about 10 minutes and allows you to complete the installation immediately in your vehicle.

  • Please note the actual programming cable you receive may be different to the one pictured above.
  • Please note this cable is not for customer use and is solely used for our specialists to remotely program your remote start system.  Any use by the customer without express instructions by our technicians will void any and all warranty of both the remote start system and programming cable and any returns/refunds will not be accepted.

The Process:-

  • This programming cable costs £75 to purchase as part of your order and includes a £65 refundable deposit. If returned to us within 30 days of purchase (a tracking number within 30 days will suffice if the cable hasn’t arrived at our premises within 30 days) then we will refund £65 to you on receipt of the cable.
  • The use of this programming cable is optional and not required. If you do not wish to use the cable, simply return the unit to us after completing stage 1 and we will do the rest.


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