2016 – Present Bentley Bentayga remote start


  • Choose your system. The standard system is operated by pressing Lock > Unlock > Lock on your vehicle car key. If additional accessories are available they will be listed below.
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The complete kit is provided you do not need to purchase anything else.


This is a plug and play system designed for the customer to fit themselves in circa 20 mins.  We provide full installation support in terms of full installation videos / PDF and are available for live Whatt’s App video communications should it be required.


To start:- Press LOCK > UNLOCK > LOCK on your factory car key.

To stop:- Press LOCK > UNLOCK > LOCK on your factory car key.

Automatic runtime before shutting off:- 15 minutes

There is a secure take over procedure in place in order to drive the vehicle away otherwise the engine will be immobilised.

Indicators will flash once every 5 seconds when remote start is active.

All doors/boot must be closed. The system will come pre programmed requiring the vehicle car key to be in the vehicle when it is driven away otherwise the engine will cut out. If you do not require the factory key to physically be in the vehicle when driving away (ie you want to be able to drive it away with just the app or long range remote control only – for example in an emergency) we can pre program this for you. Please specify this in the notes section when completing your order. Not requiring the key to be in the vehicle provides more flexibility, say, if you lost your key but is less secure.  We always recommend the need to have your car key in the vehicle for it to be able to drive it away and for this reason it is the default setting unless you advise otherwise.

Additional accessories are available (GSM app / bluetooth app & long range remote / 2 x long range remotes) but they are not required as the basic system is operated using the vehicle car key.


  1. GSM phone application to control your vehicle world wide which also includes GPS tracking, geofencing, speed alerts and scheduled vehicle operation. Currently, we offer one GSM phone application for Canada and the USA and a separate GSM phone application for the rest of the World. The first 12 month charge is included in the purchase price of both systems but from year two onwards there is an annual charge of $40 for users in North America and £99 for users in the rest of the world. The initial 12 months useage is provided in the initial purchase price. Video demonstration:-  Control your vehicle from anywhere in the world with your phone / watch.
  2. Bluetooth phone application and long range LoRa credit card remote (Up to 1 mile distance). There is no annual charge for this application. Control your vehicle from up to one mile away with your phone and credit card remote.
  3. Two x single button long range (LoRa) remote controls (Up to 1 mile distance) Control your vehicle from up to one mile away with this two way, long range remote (comes in packs of two)

Please note that only the GSM phone app OR the bluetooth phone app can be used on a single remote start system, you can’t use both.  In Canada and the USA you can have either of the phone applications (bluetooth or GSM) AND the long range remotes on a single remote start system if you wish.  In the rest of the world you can have the bluetooth phone application AND long range remotes BUT you can’t have the GSM phone application and long range remotes.


This installation requires a spare key (the key less the battery and blade so that you can always use the key blade to open the car and retrieve your car key if you lost your daily key) as part of the installation. This will be a dead key and hidden inside the vehicle.  Should i be worried about leaving a key in the car as part of the installation?


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Remote Start standard system (RS) operated by the vehicle car key £599.00, RS + Two x 2 way long range remotes (up to 1 mile distance) £719.00, RS + GSM phone app (USA & Canada residents only) £799.00, RS + GSM phone app (rest of the World residents) £799.00

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