Remote start system (£150 discount available, pls read description)


We currently offer a £150 discount to all customers who are happy to send in a couple of short videos (less than 30 seconds) when they are happy with the system of it working on their car following installation. We would love you to tell us what you think of it on the video also! This is for our Testimonials page here so potential customers can see what other customers think of the system. If you are happy to, please use discount code:- vid150 at checkout.

We supply remote start systems for a broad range of vehicle manufacturers; we only supply remote start systems that are supplied with a dedicated wiring harness and software for your specific vehicle. Please check here to see if your make/model is supported. Please also note that where possible we always try and clone your key information into the remote start but if this isn’t possible you will have to give up your spare key (we remove the battery) for the installation.  This can always be recovered if needed, battery placed back in and used as a normal key. Finally, as a relatively new company, we have seen increased demand over the last few months, we do try to keep in stock as many items as possible but from time to time, especially due to Covid, we are seeing increased delivery times from our North American supplier.  Please do contact us prior to ordering if this is a problem, if not, we will send the system to you normally immediately, but if not as soon as it arrives. Thanks.


We offer a dedicated remote start system

This sytem is the ultimate remote start solution designed to maximize the use of the original vehicle key fob, transmitter or smart key. Once installed you will be able to remote start your vehicle by using your factory OEM key fob.

You can instantly upgrade your remote start system with the long range remote kit (x2 remotes) if required. The long range remotes are not designed to replace your OEM key but do offer the ability to start/stop the engine, unlock/lock the doors and open/close the boot.  We will send you the remote controls which work with your vehicle.  Dependant on your vehicle, the engine start/stop button will work anytime but if there are any other buttons present, these buttons will only work once the remote start has been activated and stop working again once the remote start is turned off.

As the remote start systems are designed specifically for the vehicle they are being fitted into, we flash the remote start modules with specific firmware for the vehicle it is being fitted into before we post / fit it and we supply dedicated wiring harnesses for the vehicle it is being fitted into.  Due to this the fitting time is less than 30 minutes and most people with just a little bit of DIY knowledge are able to fit these themselves together with out installation videos and dedicated telephone support.

Please do get in touch prior to purchasing if you require the remote start system to be fitted. Currently we can offer fitting at Haywards Heath and in some cases in Leeds.  In order to offer the remote start systems at a competitive price we do not have business garage premises but instead work from our home / office.  If we do fit the system for you, we will do it at our home / workshop and we have full public liability insurance at both locations.


No splicing required as the kit is 100% plug & play.

There is no splicing into the vehicle wiring harness as the unit is 100% dedicated for the vehicle with its own plug and play harness meaning it can be easily fitted and removed at any time. This is the only plug & play system available in the world.

No dealer activation required

This remote start system works immediately with no delaer activation required.

Transponder required

If you purchase via mail order then one key will need to remain in the module for the remote start to work. If you visit our Haywards Heath workshop we can program a transponder for your vehicle so that you don't need to use your spare key. The key is "dead" as far as the vehicle is concerned and only used via the remote start to issue the start signal and is hidden in the vehicle.


Everything is connected in the boot so little risk of scratching or damaging interior panels.

Complete kit provided

The complete kit is provided therefore nothing else is required.

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