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Vehicle Programming

We offer two forms of programming:-

  1. Initial remote start programming that programs the system for your particular make/model/year/fuel type
  2. Key data programming. If your remote start system does not require a key as part of the installation (it states on the product page whether a physical key is required or not) then you will need key data programming half way through the install procedure.
  3. You will need a programming cable and access to a Windows PC. If you do not have a programming cable please click here.

This product offers both vehicle programming options above.

Please note you DO NOT need to purchase this option if buying a new remote start system as programming is included if required.


This product offers programming support only and DOES NOT offer any installation support. If you require installation support and / or programming support, please see below:-

  1. Installation support only > Click here
  2. Installation and programming support > Click here

Please see our other accessories here:-

  1. Bluetooth phone application and long range credit card remote:- see the product here – this allows you to control your vehicle from up to one mile away.
  2. GSM phone and watch application – see the product here – this accessory works up to a mile away from the vehicle and comes in a pack of 2 remotes and are two way meaning they provide confirmation that the vehicle has remote started if you cant see the vehicle.
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