Long range remote controls


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Long range remote controls

This accessory includes two remote controls and enables you to remote start, remote stop, lock, unlock and in some cases drive your car away without the requirement for the key to be in the vehicle.  This accessory works from up to one mile away from your vehicle and is a two way remote control meaning that you receive both a visual and audible alert of both a succesfull and unsuccesfull commands sent to the car (this is in case you can’t see or hear the vehicle from your location).


Please do not add this product into the basket if you are buying this together with a remote start system.  If you would like to buy this at the same time as a remote start system purchase, please select this product from the drop down menu when checking out with the remote start system as there is a discount offered when buying together with the system.  Please only add this product to the cart if you want to buy this as an individual item only.

If you are based in North America, this accessory will work together with the either the GSM application or the bluetooth application.

If you are based anywhere other than North America you can either use this accessory, the bluetooth application or the GSM application.

Please see our other accessories here:-

  1. Bluetooth phone application and long range credit card remote:- see the product here – this allows you to control your vehicle from up to one mile away.
  2. GSM phone and watch application – see the product here – this accessory works up to a mile away from the vehicle and comes in a pack of 2 remotes and are two way meaning they provide confirmation that the vehicle has remote started if you cant see the vehicle.
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