Long range remote control (accessory)


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Long Range Remote

The two way long range remote (LRR) is an excellent accessory for the remote start system as simply put, the range is far greater (plus you have a spare remote to access your car).  There are three methods to remote start the vehicle – either with the OEM keyfob, bluetooth app (via a phone) or with the long range remote keyfob

We always reccomend that the long range remote is there to complement the factory OEM key and not replace it.  All long range remote controls can remote start/stop the vehicle, unlock/lock the doors, and can allow the car to be driven away, however, only the remote engine start/stop features remains active 24/7.  The lock/unlock feature only works once the car has been remote started using the long range remote and stops working when the remote start has been turned off.

We would highly reccomend the long range remote as they have mutiple uses, can be used as a replacement car key in an emergency, but most of all operate over a much greater distance than the standard OEM factory keyfob.

Two Way long range remotes page back to your remote after the vehicle has successfully started. The remote will beep to confirm successful communication and an LED will also light up to display the vehicle has started.

1. Up to 1/2 mile range

Dependant on conditions, the long range remote can work up to 1/2 mile away from the vehicle.

2. What you receive

You receive 1 x two way remote, 1 x antennae/receiver and 1 x antennae/receiver harness.

3. LRR remotes don’t replace the OEM key

The long range remote is not designed to replace the OEM (factory) key but designed to work alongside the OEM key and placed on the same keyring.

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