Bluetooth App / long range remote control (accessory)


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Bluetooth App / Long Range Remote

This accessory enables you to control your vehicle over a local bluetooth connection by connecting your smartphone directly to the remote start module, it allows you to control the vehicle with the included long range credit card remote from up to one mile away (using LoRa technology) and it also allows you to connect your phone, via bluetooth to the credit card remote and by doing this benefitting from the increased distance the credit card remote (using LoRa technology) allows (up to one mile away).  This is an accessory to our remote start systems only and will not work if not connected to our rmeote start system.

Up to 1 mile range

Dependant on conditions, the long range remote (and app when connected to it) can work up to 1 mile away from the vehicle. Basic features of both the app and long range remote allow you to remote start, remote stop, unlock, lock and in some cases drive the car away without a key having to be present in the vehicle.  Added benefits of the app include battery voltage status, countdown timer showing how long left of the runtime, trunk release (and close with compatible vehicles) and *heated seats, *rear window defrost and *cooled seats.

What is in the package

One long range remote and one app are provided. You receive 1 x two way remote and 1 x app, 1 x antennae, 1 x receiver and 1 x antennae/receiver harness.

Video demonstration:-


Please do not add this product into the basket if you are buying this together with a remote start system.  If you would like to buy this at the same time as a remote start system purchase, please select this product from the drop down menu when checking out with the remote start system as there is a discount offered when buying together with the system.  Please only add this product to the cart if you want to buy this as an individual item only.

If you are based in North America, this accessory will work together with the long range remotes accessory however you cannot use this bluetooth app and long range remote with the GSM application.

If you are based anywhere other than North America you can either use this accessory, the long range remotes or the GSM application.

* The app allows control of these features however the vehicle has to have the corresponding software installed to allow these to work, this software can be different on every vehicle and you will not know until you plug the system into your vehicle and test. For this reason we state that our remote start accessories will remote start, remote stop, lock and unlock your vehicle for the purposes of the sale and any other features that work are a bonus.

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