Bluetooth App / long range credit card remote control (accessory)

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The app/ long range remote package is an excellent accessory for the remote start system as simply put, the range of control is far greater than just using your OEM car key (up to 1 mile away).  With this accessory, there are two methods to remote start the vehicle – either with the long range bluetooth remote control or with an app.

We always recommend that the app / long range remotes are there to complement the factory car key and not replace it.  All app / long range remote controls can remote start/stop the vehicle, unlock/lock the doors, and if you have a round push to start button, this accessory can allow the car to be driven away, however, we always recommend have the original car key with you whenever you drive the car away. On some vehicles the app can also allow you to turn on the heated seats and turn on the rear window defrost.

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App / Long Range Remote

We would highly recommend the app / long range remotes as they have multiple uses, can be used as a replacement car key in an emergency but most of all operate over a much greater distance than the standard OEM factory key fob.

In simple terms, the app (phone) either connects directly to the vehicle via a bluetooth connection (short range) or it connects to the long range bluetooth remote which then repeats the signal to the vehicle giving up to a miles connection from your phone also.

The app / long range remotes are two way meaning that they page back to your remote / phone after the vehicle has successfully started. The remote/phone will beep to confirm successful communication and an LED will also light up to display the vehicle has started.


Up to 1 mile range

Dependant on conditions, the app/long range remote can work up to 1 mile away from the vehicle.

One bluetooth long range remote & downloadable app provided

Ono long range remote and one app are provided. You receive 1 x two way remote and 1 x app, 1 x antennae, 1 x receiver and 1 x antennae/receiver harness.

App / bluetooth Long range remote

The app / long range remotes are not designed to replace the OEM (factory) key but instead designed to work alongside it. However, if required, if your vehicle has a round push to start button you can start and drive the car away using the app / long range remote only.