2018 – Present day Audi A7 plug and play remote start system


This system is the ultimate remote start solution designed to maximise the use of the original vehicle key fob, transmitter or smart key. Once installed you will be able to remote start your vehicle (and drive it away if you wish) solely by using your factory car key / remote or either/both of the optional accessories:- bluetooth app/long range remote or the standard long range remote. Your vehicle will require a transponder (the key less the battery and blade) as part of the installation to remain in the vehicle. For complete peace of mind for the lifetime of your ownership of your remote start system, take a look at our optional lifetime warranty.

Vehicle Requirements

  • This vehicle is compatible with the Audi key(s) shown in the description only.
  • Automatic vehicles only.

Pls scroll below for further details of the system.  If your vehicle matches the year shown in the product but your key is different to the key shown in the attached images please search an earlier year to ensure the key in the product image is the same as your key.  There are always crossover’s in model years but the priority is to match the key in the description rather than the year.

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1. Complete kit provided

The complete kit is provided therefore nothing else is required.

2. Plug & play installation

There is no splicing into the vehicle wiring harness as the unit is 100% dedicated for the vehicle with its own plug and play harness meaning it can be easily installed or removed at any time. This is the only plug & play system available in the world. Fitting in less than 30 minutes.

3. Remote start system – basic operation

To start:- Press LOCK > UNLOCK > LOCK on your factory car key.
To stop:- Press LOCK > UNLOCK > LOCK on your factory car key.
Runtime:- 15 minutes.
All doors will auto lock when remote started.
All doors will auto lock when shut down.
Secure take over procedure in place in order to drive the vehicle away.
Indicators will flash once every 5 seconds when remote start is active.
All doors/boot must be closed.

4. Remote start system details

100% plug and play.
Complete kit is provided.
Further programming may be required.
Compatible accessory:- Bluetooth app add on
Compatible accessory:- Long range remote
System is activated by pressing lock > unlock > lock on car key

5. Installation

This is a straight forward installation.


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