2005 – 2010 BMW 6 series remote start


  • Choose your kit below. Standard kit (use your key). Bluetooth kit (use your key or your phone to remote start your car from up to a mile away.)
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1. Complete kit provided

The complete kit is provided therefore nothing else is required. We enclose a programming cable and ask you return this after installation.

2. Plug & play installation

There is no splicing into the vehicle wiring harness as the unit is 100% dedicated for the vehicle with its own plug and play harness.

3. Remote start system – basic operation

To start:- Press LOCK > UNLOCK > LOCK on your factory car key.
To stop:- Press LOCK > UNLOCK > LOCK on your factory car key.
Runtime:- 15 minutes.

4. Remote start system details

100% plug and play.
Complete kit is provided.
Compatible accessory:- Bluetooth app add on
Compatible accessory:- Long range remote
System is activated by pressing lock > unlock > lock on your car key

5. Installation

Your vehicle does not require a spare key to be used as part of the installation as your key data can be copied onto the remote start module.

6. Vehicle Requirements

Push to start vehicles only. Automatic vehicles only. As no spare key is required as part of the installation you will need access to a computer as part of the installation process so we can remote in to copy the key data. This takes about 10 minutes.

Once installed you will be able to remote start your vehicle solely by using your factory car key or either/both of the optional accessories:- bluetooth app/long range remote or the standard long range remote.  For complete peace of mind for the lifetime of your ownership of your remote start system, take a look at our optional lifetime warranty.


This is a special order item as it is a new product added to our range so please do allow for this when ordering. Please plan for an approximate 3 week delivery window, it will most likely be quicker but could be a little longer.  Even though this is a fully supported remote start system for the BMW, as it is new to us, we are also learning more about the system every day.

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Standard kit (use car key) £499.00, Standard kit + Bluetooth app (use car key or phone) + £618.99

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